AI-enabled Psychographic Social Media Strategies

Using AI and psychographics to market better, easy and at a lower cost

23 September 2019, Hong Kong

Course Introduction

AI-enabled Psychographic Social Media Strategies

Using AI and psychographics to market better, easy and at a lower cost

Behavioural analysis or the ‘psychographic discipline’ plays an important part in helping brand marketers understand their consumers’ behaviours, interests and what appeals to them as a product user.

In this masterclass, you will be introduced to the most recent developments of AI technology and the principles of behavioural psychographics, and how you can integrate it into your digital marketing campaigns. This is a practical course where you will be trained to use tools and set up your own AI-driven psychographic marketing campaigns to engage your audience at a higher level of personalisation.

The Trainer

Aleksandr Farseev


Aleksandr Farseev is an entrepreneur, international researcher, keynote speaker and the founder of, the social media marketing platform driven by AI. He obtained his Ph.D from the National University of Singapore and currently holds a Research Professor position at ITMO University.

More About The Trainer

Apart from academic efforts, Aleksandr leads the fast-growing AI startup, called – an AI-driven social media marketing optimisation platform that combines advanced data analytics and behavioural science. He studies data available on social media and helps marketers to reduce costs and increase sales via conducting optimised social media and influencer marketing campaigns.


Aleksandr is known as one of the leading experts in social media user profiling for marketing. He is also one of the creators of an AI model that was used to analyse the US political leaders’ psychographic profiles in 2017.


Course Agenda

  • Introduction to multimedia data analytics
  • Introduction into AI as a tool to infer knowledge from the huge amount of data that we have
  • How to use psychographics to “touch people’s hearts”
  • Tools to drive AI enabled psychographic marketing campaigns in Google, Facebook and beyond
  • Optimise AI-driven messages

Note: Participants are encouraged to bring along their laptop for this course.

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Key Takeaways

How You Can Benefit!

  • Acquire key skills to develop an effective digital marketing campaign using AI-technology based on psychographics
  • Implement psychographic marketing strategies and AI tools to drive outstanding marketing campaigns
  • Learn best practices of AI tools and approaches that can help you to employ psychographics-AI strategy into your business
  • Know how to touch the ”internal me” of your customers by incorporating psychographic strategies into your marketing demographics

Who Should Attend

  • VPs and Marketing directors
  • Marcom Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • PR Managers
  • Account Managers
  • And other marketing professionals with consumer-facing businesses

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