The Fundamentals of UX and UI Design for Marketers

Providing the best customer usability and experience online

18 October 2019, Singapore

Course Introduction

The Fundamentals of UX and UI Design for Marketers

Providing the best customer usability and experience online

User Experience (UX) design strives to enhance user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and a product or service. For marketers, this is particularly relevant when it comes to their customers’ online journey.

User Interface (UI) design involves building an essential part of the user experience. Users are very swift to judge designs on usability and likeability. So the main job of a UI designer is to combine programming, psychology and creative design to craft intuitive controls for software and hardware. The UI developer’s mission is to create an interface that behaves as users would expect it to, facilitating a seamless and efficient user experience by focusing on building interfaces that users will find highly usable and efficient.

With UX and UI design often being touted as the sweet spot between business needs and user needs, why should you care about it? This is simply because the consumer expects an optimised user experience across all platforms.

This training will focus on the end-to-end customer journey, starting from understanding your customer to delivering an experience that enhances user satisfaction. This practical, one-day programme aims to help enhance your online customer experience and drive customer loyalty.

The Trainer

Soumik Chakraborty

Entrepreneur and Director, Training and Education
Happy Marketer

For over 11 years, Soumik’s specialisation encompasses analytics, UX, branding, marketing, strategy and all aspects of online marketing, including e-commerce and mobile launches. He is Google AdWords certified.

Soumik has successfully run online and digital campaigns for Streetdirectory, MDIS, Ogilvy & Mather clients including Unilever, Nestle, IBM, Guinness, Cathay, and SingTel to name a few; American Express, Mothercare, Mindchamps, German European School, Dassault Systemes, UEX Global and many more.

More About The Trainer

Whether it’s selling small services and products for SMEs or Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Milo, IBM Servers, Samsung Note, Amex Card and such MNCs, Soumik has run campaigns across different industries and countries through various online channels. Soumik was also featured on Asian Entrepreneur Portals and Huffington Post, and has been a tech contributor and writer for many sites.

Soumik is also the author of Facebook: Community Management, Ads, and Crisis Management with books on Kindle and Amazon sites. He has worked extensively with many education and training partners including NTUC Learning, James Cook University Singapore, Kaplan and many more.


Course Agenda

  • Learn the essentials of user experience design
  • Understand users as target audience
  • Learn how to use card sorting to design navigation, sitemap and mobile versions better
  • Learn UI design of fundamental web elements
  • Good design principles of home page, category page, search, product page, navigation, search, form, charts, etc.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes to gradually shape optimal user experience
  • Data-driven UI and how to conduct split tests to improve conversion rate
  • Various tools and software used at various stages of UX design

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Key Takeaways

How You Can Benefit!

  • Gain an overview and important relatable concepts of User Experience (UX)
  • Find out how UX determines your customer journey
  • Understand the deliverables of a UX process
  • Manage User Interface (UI) and understand its role and benefit to digital marketing
  • Study the UI elements in design and how it affects customer usability
  • Learn how visual design as well as human psychology is employed in UI design
  • Learn various deliverables of UI
  • Apply practical tools that can help you succeed in UX-UI

Who Should Attend

Business and marketing and leaders including:

  • Digital Marketing Leaders
  • Creative Professionals
  • Digital Planners
  • Digital Media Professionals
  • Budding Designers
  • And any marketing professionals who want to improve their online customer experience

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What Clients Are Saying

“Insightful course as the trainer deciphered the UX process systematically to help us start the journey of researching to plan our business.”

Frasers Property

“The course was very insightful in the UX journey and I have benefited from it. The trainer provided a good overview and useful tools that are applicable to future projects at our workplace.”

Far East Hospitality Management

“This course made me realise how important UX is in building a website. All the UX theories were explained well.”

Agility Logistics


“Soumik is very clear in his presentation and goes straight to the point of the practical tips and also gives us local examples which make the course relevant.”

Singapore Tourism Board

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