Google Analytics 4 for Beginners

Date: 24 October 2023

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Indonesia, In-person


The sunset of Universal Analytics is here and marketers are rushing to get their Google Analytics 4 setup done timely and fast. Time is of the essence.

This 1-day masterclass gets you started with Google Analytics 4 quickly and easily. Learn how to set up Google Analytics 4 and how to navigate the new interface as well as everything you need to know about GA4 metrics, dimensions, and the reports that matter.

This Google Analytics 4 for Beginners masterclass will enable you to start using Google Analytics 4 to find the data you need to make marketing reports and informed decisions with ease.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to set up Google Analytics 4.
  • Learn how to configure Google Analytics 4.
  • Gain hands-on experience with the new GA4 interface.
  • Understand GA4 metrics and dimensions.
  • Learn how to setup events and conversions.
  • Learn how to set up and use UTM tags.
  • Learn how to work with GA4 reports.
  • Learn how to make marketing decisions using GA4’s data.

Who should attend

Junior to mid-level marketing executives who are responsible for setting up GA4, including the following functions:


  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Media

Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of digital marketing.

About the trainer
About the trainer

Sotirios Seridis

Digital Marketing Trainer & Instructor

Sotirios is a digital marketing instructor and performance marketing marketer with a solid track record across all digital specialties: PPC, SEO, Media Planning and Marketing Analytics.

He worked for 3 of the world’s leading media agencies under WPP, Omnicom and HAVAS in London, Dubai, and Singapore. He has also contracted with Facebook and consulted numerous companies as a freelancer before starting his own digital marketing company in Singapore.

Along the way he managed countless digital campaigns and built 2 digital performance departments from the ground-up, working with a diverse portfolio of local and multi-national companies – including some of the world’s biggest advertisers such as Unilever, Volkswagen, Sony Mobile, Pizza Hut and Etihad Airways.

Please contact

Luisa Sarmiento
for more information.

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24 October 2023

A walkthrough on how to set up GA4

A walkthrough on how to configure GA4

GA4 navigation

GA4 metrics vs dimensions
  • Hands-on exercise: Scavenger Hunt – Answer a series of marketing analytics questions using GA4. This exercise will allow participants to get hands-on experience with GA4’s interface, understand GA4’s reporting structure, and learn how to use filters and comparisons.
Learn how to set up events and conversions
  • Hands-on exercise: Event planning – In this exercise, the participants will have to work on an events and conversions plan for their business or a business of choice. The exercise will allow participants to understand how events and conversions are set up.
  • Events and conversions case study: How a real business set up events and conversion tracking
Learn how to set up and use UTM tags
  • Hands-on exercise: UTM tags – In this exercise, the participants will have to work on a UTM tags plan for an example marketing campaign. The exercise will allow participants to understand how to set up and use UTM tags.
  • UTM tags case study: How a real business setup UTM tags to create informative marketing reports.

Understand GA4 Reports

Use GA4 Reports to make marketing decisions

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Indonesia, In-person

24 October 2023, 9am – 5pm
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