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Our Masterclass Series, the training division of MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, organises a regional series of public and in-house training courses across Asia.

With attendees’ learning needs at the core of the course, we emphasise on personalised and intimate workshop setting with practical case studies and hands-on exercises from our expert trainers. Attendees will take away regional best practices, fresh ideas and customised solutions for implementation back in their organisations.

Empower your marketing team today with the skillsets you need to succeed

Through actionable insights and expert knowledge from our trainers, walk away with the necessary toolkit to stay competitive.

Content marketing

Content marketing today focuses on personalised, interactive experiences driven by digital insights. Integration of technology enhances engagement and conversion rates across digital platforms.

Crisis communications

It is key to prioritise transparent, real-time messaging, leveraging technology for rapid response and proactive engagement to manage reputation effectively in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Customer & user experience

Customer and user experience are vital because they influence satisfaction, retention, and brand perception, ultimately determining business success by fostering loyalty and driving growth.

Gen AI

Marketers leverage Gen AI, a generation of consumers born into AI-driven environments, by providing hyper-personalised, adaptive experiences across digital channels to maximise engagement and conversions.

Digital commerce marketing

Digital commerce thrives with personalisation, immersive experiences, and seamless omnichannel integration, revolutionising customer engagement, retention, and conversion strategies for businesses worldwide.

Social media marketing

With emphasis on authenticity, video content, and community building along with digital tools drive hyper-personalisation, it is important to keep in mind how ethical practices and privacy concerns shape strategies.

Brand management

Brand management prioritises authenticity, sustainability, and social responsibility. While digital tools aid in real-time reputation monitoring, while immersive experiences foster stronger emotional connections with consumers.

Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics utilises AI and machine learning for deep insights into consumer behaviour, enabling data-driven decision-making and personalised campaigns across diverse digital channels.

Who Should Attend

Our Masterclass Series caters to marketers of all levels, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences from beginners to C-level executives. Whether you’re new to marketing or a seasoned professional, there’s a masterclass tailored for you!

Hybrid Learning Experience



We provide a hybrid learning experience where it combines online and in-person elements, offering flexibility, interaction, and accessibility, enhancing educational experiences for diverse learners.

Register to be a Trainer with us!

If you have a deep understanding of your field, a wealth of experience, and a genuine enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, we invite you to become a trainer with us. Your expertise will be invaluable in shaping the next generation of professionals. Simply reach out to our team, and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss the exciting opportunities ahead.


Google Analytics 4 for Beginners
The sunset of Universal Analytics is here and marketers are rushing to get their Google Analytics 4 setup done timely and fast. Time is of the essence.
Advanced Google Analytics 4

It’s not enough to just have your Google Analytics 4 setup. It is essential to have the necessary skillset to collect meaningful data and derive valuable insights out of your data.

LinkedIn Marketing: Growing your Audience & Business

This 1-day masterclass on LinkedIn Marketing: Growing your Audience & Business will unlock the power of LinkedIn to accelerate your business to greater heights.

Media Planning for 2024: Driving Conversions & Maximising ROI

This 1-day masterclass is tailored for mid to senior level marketing executives who are looking at developing a robust media plan in the coming new year to maximise investments and drive meaningful conversions.

Building & Managing Brand Reputation in Today’s Digital Age
In today’s digital-first world people will learn about you and your business online before they meet you in person. Your online digital brand is key to building and managing your brands reputation.
Social Media Crisis Playbook

This 1-day virtual masterclass on Social Media Crisis Playbook will be deep dive on the essential plays for responding to a social media crisis while developing your own social media crisis playbook for your business or organisation.

Gen AI for Beginners: Master ChatGPT for Enhanced Marketing Quality & Productivity

Brands are embracing AI-powered solutions with open arms to improve work efficiency, enhanced personalisation and drive better customer experience. Are you set to unlock the potential that Gen AI tools will bring to your marketing game?

Advanced Data Analytics for Marketers

Businesses that focus on data-driven marketing can connect with their consumers better than ever as they have a better understanding on the importance of integrating their marketing, sales, and data operations. 

Testimonials From Some Past Attendees

Benefits of Joining Our Masterclass Series

Expert panel of experienced regional trainers

Our trainers are domain experts of the subject matter both from a practitioner and research point of view. Our diverse panel of trainers have over 10 years of industry experience and consultancy spanning across all industries and geographical locations.

Best practices through latest case studies

Our Masterclass Series is carefully curated and designed with strong research backing to create a vast array of topics addressing the latest trends and needs to fill the current skill gaps and at the same time be future ready.

Interactive and engaging learning experience

Our Masterclass Series are packed with activities, discussions, group tasks and individual projects
to ensure full participation, effective transfer of knowledge and maximum application.

Professional certificate endorsed by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE

Upon completion of our Masterclass, attendees will achieve a professional certificate endorsed by MI, validating their commitment to mastering the subject matter under the guidance of our esteemed experts.

Looking for customised training solutions to upskill your marketing team?

Not seeing a topic you are looking for?

Fret not, we are here for you (we will even do your homework for you!). We have curated an esteemed panel of expert trainers with tremendous tactical and strategic experiences, as well as domain knowledge. We’re more than happy to collaborate with these experts to create a programme designed for YOU, addressing the latest trends and needs to fill the current skill and knowledge gaps your team is facing. It is time to be future ready, and we want you to take the centre stage.

Want to find out more? Reach out to us today. We will set the training in motion for you to achieve your marketing goals.

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