Google Analytics 4 for Beginners
The sunset of Universal Analytics is here and marketers are rushing to get their Google Analytics 4 setup done timely and fast. Time is of the essence.
Advanced Google Analytics 4

It’s not enough to just have your Google Analytics 4 setup. It is essential to have the necessary skillset to collect meaningful data and derive valuable insights out of your data.

LinkedIn Marketing: Growing your Audience & Business

Are your target audience on LinkedIn? Are you struggling to reach out to them effectively? With over 774 million users globally, LinkedIn ranks as one of the top social networks today. If your business is not utilising LinkedIn to its fullest potential to build network, improve brand awareness, drive conversions and increase overall revenue, you need to rethink your social media content strategy.

This 1-day masterclass on LinkedIn Marketing: Growing your Audience & Business will unlock the power of LinkedIn to accelerate your business to greater heights.

Media Planning for 2024: Driving Conversions & Maximising ROI

This 1-day masterclass is tailored for mid to senior level marketing executives who are looking at developing a robust media plan in the coming new year to maximise investments and drive meaningful conversions.

Building & Managing Brand Reputation in Today’s Digital Age
In today’s digital-first world people will learn about you and your business online before they meet you in person. Your online digital brand is key to building and managing your brands reputation.
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): Maximising Full Funnel Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is always seen as the last mile effort on the e-commerce website, but the optimisation starts from the top of the funnel with media through to landing page optimisation to CRM. With increasing complexity in marketing technology, ease of access to customer data and business silos, there is a need to look at the tactical improvement across the funnel effectively.

Social Media Crisis Playbook
This 1-day virtual masterclass on Social Media Crisis Playbook will be deep dive on the essential plays for responding to a social media crisis while developing your own social media crisis playbook for your business or organisation.
Brand Storytelling
What remains at the heart of connecting with consumers? Telling good and authentic stories.

The power of storytelling remains key in fostering strong engagement with your consumers. It is an undefeatable marketing tool for brands to communicate important brand messages to drive conversions.

Gen AI for Beginners: Master ChatGPT for Enhanced Marketing Quality & Productivity
Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are game-changers for marketers. Brands are embracing AI-powered solutions with open arms to improve work efficiency, enhanced personalisation and drive better customer experience. Are you set to unlock the potential that Gen AI tools will bring to your marketing game?
Advanced Data Analytics for Marketers

Businesses that focus on data-driven marketing can connect with their consumers better than ever as they have a better understanding on the importance of integrating their marketing, sales, and data operations. Furthermore, in the era of digital transformation, data has become a crucial element in making informed marketing decisions.

Mastering Marketing Team Architecture: Build an Effective Marketing Team Structure

With the rise of new marketing technology and at times, polarising perspectives around which marketing function is more important to grow a business, building and structuring a marketing team to align with the business goals is more challenging than ever.

Google Analytics 4 for Beginners
The sunset of Universal Analytics is here and marketers are rushing to get their Google Analytics 4 setup done timely and fast. Time is of the essence.
Synergising Businesses: Bridging the Gap Between CMOs and CFOs

Marketing has often been deemed as the “cost centre” and subsciously hinder the CMOs/Marketing leaders from having concise and fruitful conversations with the “keeper of the purse”; the CFOs. Despite these communication challenges, synergy between a CMO and CFO is crucial in ensuring that a brand’s growth is constant and healthy.

E-commerce & Growth Marketing Playbook: A to Z of E-commerce
15 years ago, it would have been quite a hassle to purchase a tee-shirt. Fast forward to 2024, almost everyone is buying tee-shirts (and pretty much everything) via e-commerce platforms.
Designing Your Marketing Career: Shaping Future Marketing Leaders

Among the various business disciplines, marketing has undergone and experienced the greatest evolution. This has created a very challenging environment for marketing leaders to perform at the highest level of their potential.

Expect the Unexpected: Gold-Standard Campaign Secrets Unveiled
Creating a successful campaign that meets all your business objectives is not an easy feat for any marketer.
Mastering TikTok Marketing 101
TikTok is taking over the Internet, and brands are hopping platform to grow their brand and business. However, to successfully create entertaining branded TikTok content and campaign takes a deep understanding of its unique cultural codes.
Advanced Google Analytics 4
Moving your current configuration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is not enough. It is essential to have the necessary skillset to collect meaningful data and derive valuable insights out of your data.
The Art of Data Storytelling
As data analysis and visualisation is made easy with Gen AI, how does one effectively bring the data to life in the boardroom to communicate insights, justify business cases and get buy-ins? How do you choreograph and cast the right data elements to help you build the right storyline so it brings change in the organisation?
Hyper-personalisation at Scale: CX Optimisation with Gen AI

In the age of generative AI and accessible marketing technology, customers are demanding more from the customer experience they get from brands. There are plenty of opportunities to optimise the customer experience across the customer journey for growth.

Connecting with Gen Zs: Building Trust & Creating Content That Matters

Uncover the essence of Generation Z – their demographics, values, and digital behaviours. Dive deep into the realm of influencers, exploring authentic marketing insights, and navigating their obsession of popular platforms like TikTok.

Social Media Content Strategy SEA
Social media has become an integral part of many brands’ marketing strategy. You cannot ignore the wide reach social media is able to achieve for your brand awareness, especially when utilised effectively.