Maximising Your Social Media Impact

Date: 16 – 17 May 2023

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Singapore, In-person


People all over the world use social media to share information, consume information and content, as well as make connections. Social media helps you build trust, and authority and also shows your brand personality. Social media marketing has evolved from just ads and writing posts. It is now an ecosystem, where there is a need to have comprehensive content, engagement, and, most importantly, evaluation strategies.

Evaluation is not just clicks, likes, and shares. Marketers need to understand signs and metrics that tell a story which enables brands to understand what is needed to convert customers.

This 2-day masterclass will deep dive into the content strategy (what to post), define success metrics (what to track), identify the tools and platforms (how to track), and evaluate the insights gathered.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Examine how an effective strategy is built in the various social media channels.
  • Learn how to define business goals and metrics in social measurement to align with targets.
  • Discover how to map and strategise customer journeys and plot the right channel mix.
  • Learn how to attribute the right social channel in the user journey to amplify results.
  • Uncover how to track, monitor, analyse, and unify data across various tools and channels to relay one effective story.
  • Understand what other 3rd party tools are there for social measurement, and how to use them in your effective analysis driving towards marketing success.
  • Discover social listening, its concept, methodology, significance, and how to integrate campaigns to follow the audience’s pulse and catch them effective.

Who should attend

Mid-level marketing professionals who are responsible for analysing and tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on social media platforms, including the following functions:


  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Optimisation
  • Demand generation
About the trainer
About the trainer

Soumik Chakraborty

Digital Marketing Specialist

Soumik is a veteran digital marketer of over 14 years. He has been featured on Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia. He has been speaking and facilitating countless key marketing events around the region. From the age of only search and banners to 2023, he has been lucky to have seen the evolution of digital through decades. He has been leading teams on the client side in fortune companies like Amex and more, SMEs, startups or leading teams as a senior in agencies like Ogilvy or Dentsu and is currently in his own consultancy.

He has trained over 6,000 participants in corporations and through partners alike. He is an active digital consultant and practitioner and that comes through the training he provides, with actual cases, live campaigns and more.

Some of the clients he worked in, run campaign or trained includes, Amex, Unilever, Mothercare, IBM, AWS, NTUC Insurance, Sony, L’Oreal, Autodesk, GE, AE Tv Network (History, Lifestyle, Crime & Investigation & more), Cycle & Carriage and more.


This great guy was my instructor for the fundamentals and advanced digital marketing courses I attended recently. His knowledge and experience has given me insights on how to strategise my future campaigns. Application of these strategies are almost immediate and the results show. It doesn't just stop there. To show his commitment, Soumik urges his students to start a campaign and implement these strategies and then he goes out of his way to help us make it better. A good instructor may have experience and delivery. A great instructor is able to involve, engage and impact the class. Kudos to you sir! Not many can do it and you've got the skills! Most importantly, I've expanded my network and made a great friend in Soumik.

Brand Strategist & Account Manager
Qi Integrated Solutions

Had a great time attending a course trained by Soumik. He was very patient and was willing to clear our doubts, even if it was a simple question. It made the course a breeze. His past and current experiences was also an added-value to our current situation. Will definitely go back to the office to see how I can implement some of the key learnings. Thanks Soumik!

Associate Director
Ruder Finn Asia

Soumik was my trainer in an Advanced Digital Marketing course. He is an excellent trainer with in-depth domain knowledge and a master in content delivery. Soumik ensures every course participant “gets it” by explaining concepts/content in a simple-to-understand way, sharing case studies, best practices and by creating a positive safe environment to discuss, question and learn from each other and together.

Marketing Manager, JAPAC

Soumik is a successful digital marketer having decades of industry experience and he has proven theoretical marketing can be made practical in classes. I had the pleasure of sitting in and was in awe of his good situational grasp across multiple industries, and he was also able to shed a light on marketing challenges that both junior and experienced working adults can learn from.

Senior Business Development Manager
Huobi Global

Soumik never ceases to impress with his in-depth practical knowledge of the digital business landscape. He can translate complex concepts into understandable and applicable solutions always keeping in mind both the client and the business. He’s very passionate and very helpful in augmenting theoretical knowledge with practical considerations and real-life industry insights. He has a rare skill to go into details without losing perspective of the big picture. From campaign conceptualisation to media planning, the advice of Soumik imparts are invaluable. His rich industry experience not only enhanced the explanation of theory and concepts, illustration of real-life applications but also enriched my journey of growth in digital marketing.

Marketing Manager
Beacon Financial Services

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Bianca Mariz
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Day 1, 16 May 2023

Day 1 will be focussing on:


  • What is strategy
  • How to define success metrics
0900 – 1045
  • Introduction to the course
  • Understanding the social media ecosystem
    • Hands-on activities
    • Customer journey and where social media fits
1045 – 1100

Morning break

1100 – 1230
PART 1: How different platforms (IG, FB, LinkedIn, TikTok) fit in the customer journey
  • Platform’s significance in the customer journey
    • How they fit, their needs, and audience
  • Platform benefits
    • Learn how each platform helps us in defining our business goals.
1230 – 1330


1330 – 1515
PART 2: How different platforms (IG, FB, LinkedIn, TikTok) fit in the customer journey
  • Best practices for each platform
    • Communication strategy, engagement strategy and the plans that should be set based on goals
What to track
  • Micro and macro conversion tracking / set-up and customer journey for each platform
  • Custom URL, Custom tagging and how it helps will be explored
1515 – 1530

Afternoon break

1530 – 1645
PART 3: How different platforms (IG, FB, LinkedIn, TikTok) fit in the customer journey
  • What does success look like in each of the platforms
    • How the different metrics we are targeting align with business goals and marketing goals for overall success
1645 – 1700

Q&A and wrap-up

Day 2, 17 May 2023

Day 2 would focus on tools and platforms that would be best suited for us to measure / collect the data and evaluate it, to ensure our campaign goals and business goals are met.


*Bonus sessions:

  • Works on visualisation of data and various models that makes it just perfect
  • Social listening that is gaining more and more importance in this day and age to understand your users sentiments and thoughts about your brand and product
0900 – 1100

Recap activity on Day 1 key learnings and takeaways

PART 1: Data collection / measurement and evaluation
  • Hands-on activities
  • Insights and measurement tools
    • Understanding insights and platform analytics
      • For each social platform (IG, FB, LinkedIn, TikTok), understand the analytics and dashboards in each of the platforms and how to connect them to our site
  • Dashboards and data platforms
    • How data is displayed
    • How data is collected
    • How data is evaluated
    • Learn how to navigate dashboards, track and monitor our metrics, custom tags, etc, and make sense of them.
    • Data tells us a story, and we will learn how to read it, all aligning with our business goals
1100 – 1115

Morning break

1115 – 1230
PART 2: Data collection / measurement and evaluation
  •  Standardisation of data
    • Different social platforms have different insights and analytics tools. When aligning to marketing or business goals it’s important to collect and connect data together to tell one unified story.
    • We will remove all confusions and help you unify data across various platforms.
  • Other third-party tools:
    • Various third-party tools that can help enhance and make your data collections more complete. Sometimes using those tools helps immensely, so we will introduce such tools aSocial Listening.
1230 – 1330


1330 – 1515
*BONUS session: Social listening
  • Social listening has become a must for every organisation. It is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product, or brand on the internet. Conversations on the internet produce massive amounts of unstructured data. These are emotions, likes, dislikes, and more, which can be structured and collected effectively and is a gold mine for your marketing campaigns or strategy.
  • Social listening can let you know what drives a user’s decision towards whether they will be your customer or not.
  • Hands-on activities
1515 – 1530

Afternoon break

1530 – 1645
*BONUS session: Data visualisation
  • It explores the visualisation of data. If you are not able to tell the analysis story and communicate your effort, no one would understand the skills and effort you put in and final results are not what they should be.
  • So very often ignored, but visualisation is a very important aspect which every marketer, every analyst should do well.
  • Hands-on activites
1645 – 1700

Q&A and wrap-up