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Join our 2023 marketing masterclass series by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE and address your urgent marketing challenges today.

2023 is a year of possibilities, amidst the chaos that is plaguing the world. The marketing landscape is rapidly changing, and whether you are a senior marketing leader and practitioner, or a C-suite executive, the need to strengthen your team’s marketing capability is of utmost priority. Sign up for our masterclass series, and deep dive into specialised marketing topics that are timely and relevant to your current needs.

Our marketing masterclass series is led by professional trainers who are experts with years of worthy experience in their respective fields. They are designed with strong research backing and are packed with activities, discussions, group tasks, and individual projects to ensure full participation, effective transfer of knowledge, and maximum application. You will walk away with skillsets and best practices that are worth every cent.


Leveraging SEO to drive conversions: Ranking #1 on Google
Unpack the key SEO elements – keyword analysis, backlink building, and content creation – to boost search rankings, optimise your content strategy and drive higher conversions.
Mastering TikTok Ads to Drive Business
TikTok is taking over the Internet, and brands are hopping platform to grow their brand and business. However, successfully creating entertaining branded TikTok content and campaign takes a deep understanding of its unique cultural codes
The Art of Data Storytelling
Learn how to integrate hard data and human communication with a robust data storytelling strategy to drive internal reporting and business insights for high-level decision-making.
Video Content Marketing Strategy
Learn how to create creative videos with timely content that works for their target audience. Leverage different video formats, tools, and techniques to drive their marketing campaigns.
Crisis Response for PR Leaders
Learn the key elements of crisis management and how to formulate a crisis management plan effectively. Examine how to implement the crisis plan into action and the post-crisis recovery strategy.
Advanced Data Analytics for Marketers
Learn how to drive marketing success by optimising customer data into insights. Examine how to mine data to analyse and assess business trends to inform marketing strategy.
Driving Sales with Customer Segmentation
Learn how to segment customers and target them effectively, access customer data for customer segmentation analysis, close experience gaps, and personalise every interaction..
Social Media Crisis 2023 Playbook
Learn how to create content that speaks directly to customers’ needs during a crisis, set up a social media operations team to manage crisis to ensure unity in messaging, and uncover how to use social media to make actionable next steps for the business.
User Experience (UX) Design Hacks for Marketers
Learn how to generate buyer persona with data, drive user testing with targeted segment audience, create journey maps with all the touchpoints, and coordinate with stakeholders for proper alignment to drive revenue and overall engagement with the brand.

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Past Events

Brand Storytelling Strategy
Examine how to create marketing success with a strategic focus on developing a brand narrative that not only meets sales, marketing, and overall business objective but also wins the hearts and minds of consumers.
Designing and Measuring Customer Experience (CX) Impact
Learn customer experience (CX) audit tools and measurement frameworks that help organisations identify, and strategically develop the most important CX initiatives.
Maximising Your Social Media Impact
Learn how to create measurement strategy on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, define metrics and success, collect data, and evaluate to ensure marketing goals are met.